Star Circle Maze

This is the first of my new computer-drawn mazes. I have been figuring out how to use Inkscape, a free vector-drawing program, to create Bezier curves and transform them in various ways. I have always wanted to learn these skills, and perhaps one day make interactive Flash mazes.

Many people have suggested I get my mazes published, and I do plan to try publishing some 2-dimensional mazes, but I want them to look really clean and professional like this. This is just my first effort. As a maze it's pretty simple, and I don't think it has the same artistic touch as some of the hand-drawn mazes. Lately I have been thinking about decagons and stars. See how many stars you can find in this picture!

I decided to forgo the little lines for underpasses, relying on the flow of the lines and colors to show you where to go. Please let me know how you like it, and how it works as a maze!


RicardoJCMarques said...
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RicardoJCMarques said...

Just a heads up I've sent you a message. Check your Google+.
(I deleted the other one because I forgot to check the notification thingy.)

Jana said...

This is cool! I like how the shapes fit together and the different colored stars. I haven't counted the stars yet but I will.

Nancy Fletcher said...

Cool Bekah! How fun to have a new maze from the most creative girl on the planet! Congrats on new skills learned -- it does look very professional, though without quite as much personality. Your attention to detail is an amazing talent!

I did miss the little underpass lines. It was hard to know which passages were blocked off and which went through, especially the tight corners that could have been underneath another passageway.