Cube Maze

This insane thing was very fun to make, but I don't know if anyone will actually attempt it. You have to download the Sketchup model for this one, because you have to be able to rotate the cube and look through the tunnels. I made the sides translucent and color-coded the tunnels to make it more doable. It's tricky, but extremely cool if I say so myself.

Here's an animation of the solution. The music is just something I was humming, which I thought sounded cubish. The yellow dot in the center of the video follows the correct path.


Nancy said...

Rebekah, this is totally amazing! Your creativity is astounding, as usual!

I think, though that I'd better have you show me how it works when I'm with you next!

Wells Family said...

Wow, Bekah. I love how intricate it is, and I enjoyed the solution video and the music. :) I was a little relieved to find that just tunnels went through the cube and not that it was a solid block of maze throughout. Not that doing that would be a bad thing, it would just make it harder. This is definitely the coolest cube maze I have ever seen.

Kristen and Josh Wilde said...

Bekah, that is one crazy maze!
Just so you know, the red dot didn't show up for me. The mouse pointer did the trick though!

Tom said...

How did you do the automation?
Is that something that can be done with Google sketchup?

Nice work.

Nancy said...

I didn't realize that you'd posted animation that I could just click on and watch. So I just watched this now, and it is so amazing! You must have the most creative brain in the whole world! I'm thrilled to know you!

Ben said...

WOW. very, very, very cool cube maze! I love that its 3D and I love the solution video. Great job! I'm a bit of a maze enthusiast myself - you can see them at www.mazedojo.com - I only know how to draw 2D mazes though :) Great job!

Papercrafter said...

This model is awesome.

I have built it in paper: http://tinypic.com/r/aa9fk9/6

(I hope you dont mind).

And I am going to build the Rhombicosidodecahedron Maze (someday). :)

It's amazing!

Rebekah Fletcher said...

Wow, I am extremely flattered and impressed, and kind of baffled that this was possible. How big is it? Judging by the floorboards, it looks maybe 2 feet tall?

Papercrafter said...

Glad you liked it. :)

It is 30 cm tall. About 1 foot, i guess.