Five-Level Maze Solution

Here is a simple video of the solution to my Five-Level Walk-through Maze. I had to re-solve it because I didn't remember the way. It can be done! There are also other solutions, I think. The maze can only be solved by traversing each level multiple times, and by "jumping down" at certain places (a one-way trip). To see the solution in more detail, download the animation from Google Warehouse, and push play.


More Escape Puzzles

I have made some more levels for Escape, so I thought I'd mention them here. If you're wondering how to play them, you have to download the program, play the tutorials (22 simple levels), and tell it to get new levels from the internet. Mine are listed under the name Bekah. You can also make your own levels and easily upload them to the database. It has practically limitless levels, though I've finished most of the ones that are not too easy or too hard. If you follow the links, there is a little info on each puzzle.

Some are more like mazes:

Some are more like logic puzzles:

And some are just for fun:


Escape puzzles

I have recently been playing with a little game called Escape. It is a tile game similar to Chip's Challenge. The great thing is that it works on many platforms, is free, and anyone can make their own levels and upload them to the database. I have so far uploaded two levels, called "Multimaze" and "Crazycircuit." I wanted to explore the idea of mazes that are more interactive. Many of the levels I've been solving are like mazes, and some are more like logic puzzles. Check it out!