Five-Level Walkthrough Maze

Go up and down stairs to reach the roof of the building. This is a maze you have to walk through to solve, so dowload it from 3D Warehouse.

To walk: Click the Camera >Walk tool (looks like a pair of footprints) and use the arrow keys to go forward, back, and turn left or right. First click on the ground where you want to walk. Pay attention to eye height (should be between 3-5 feet for stairs to work, 4 is ideal), field of view (works best between 40 and 80 degrees), and distance from the camera (keep it close). I've set it up so these things should be ok to start with. As you walk, you can stop and use the Look Around tool to look in any direction. 

Other Tips: Be careful about jumping down where there are no stairs. It may be difficult to get back. Then again, it may be necessary to solve the puzzle. Don't try starting at the end because it won't work. Click Scene 1 to start over. Pay attention to the color of the floor. I made the outer walls transparent so you can "cheat" and look in to get an idea of how the maze works, but you won't be able to solve the whole maze that way.


Kristen and Josh Wilde said...

Bekah, this maze looks too difficult for me. Maybe sometime I'll give it a try. I looked at the other stuff in your 3D warehouse though - pretty impressive! Especially that Gryffindor tower. I'm looking forward to seeing that dining room set, couches, douglas fir, and fountain used in some clever scheme.

Jana said...

Bekah, Keith and I think you would be a good game-level-design-person.