Spiral Stairs Maze

Made up entirely of concentric spiral stairways, this is an idea that's been rattling around in my brain for a while. Each staircase is made of 12 steps, and the circles have 2, 3, 4, and 6 staircases going out from the center. Where the tops of each staircase meet and there is a doorway, you can pass between the circles. There is also an option to make the walls invisible so you can see the whole maze from outside.

To solve, download the Sketchup model and click "Walkthrough", which will set the optimal eye height and field of view for walking through the maze. Use the Walk tool and push the arrow keys to walk, and the Look Around tool to see more from one place. Start at one of the doorways at the bottom of the tower, and try to get to the top. If you find that too hard, click "Skeleton view" to make the walls invisible. Some tips for solving: explode all the components and mark your way with paint, or use scenes as you walk through. You will need Google Sketchup.


Braided Maze

I found this maze in some old papers, finished it up, and colored it. I had fun making this, so I hope it will be fun to solve!