3D Hedge Maze

My newest favorite toy: Google Sketchup. Fun, easy (once you get the hang of things), and free. I've been toying with different ways to draw mazes using this program, and finally decided to go with the old-fashioned hedge maze to start with. I've been to several of these in Europe, and they're extremely fun to run around in, play hide-and-seek, or just explore. Here's my take on an old idea, with over- and under-passes of course!

Go to the center first, and then find your way out to the other side. Remember, you can only go up and down stairs that are connected by a bridge or tunnel, and no climbing over hedge walls! I put little benches in to rest when you get tired. 

If you want to walk through this maze and see it from all angles, download Sketchup or Sketchup Viewer and have a blast. Here's the simplest file, and a more complex one with textures and other features, like a fountain and a tree. (I didn't make the tree, but imported it from 3D Warehouse).

This little video shows one possible route you could take through the maze.

I am also updating my older posts, adding solutions and making sure all the links work so you can see the large-sized pictures if you want.


Jana said...

Wow, Bekah! That is awesome, and I love that it still uses over- and under-passes. That program looks like it would be fun to make things with.

Nancy said...

Hurray! I made it! I found at least 3 routes to the center -- two from the upper left entry and one from the lower right. Has anyone found more?

Good job, Rebekah, and thanks for posting this! :-)

Rebekah Fletcher said...

I merged the solution post with the original one, so they'll show up together.

Kristen previously commented on the solution post:

"Wow Bekah, you're doing pretty a-maze-ing things with that Google Sketchup!"

Thanks for the comments, all of you.